Dare i?

by bex   Apr 20, 2006

Dare i feel like this?
an antidote to restore bliss, that\'s all i\'m looking, asking for
so much that pointed to this direction but it cost such a heart wrenching price
a lie to say that later i wasn\'t warned
and sadlyso, as cynical the words, the possibility of correction was far more real than i supposed.
but still the heart of a dreamer beat beneath my chest.
eyes brimming with tears of pure neon, ready to bee seen and spotted
yet fought back by the daytime dreams of smiles beneath the bedsheets.

dare i say a word?
recycled words & glances
that\'s what i\'m dying from
a room too silent for second chances but faced with a locked door
too many talents to be wasted but my self-esteem ruins the show
my dreamers heart clouded in the night where dreams should be reborn
headlights blindly guide me through the midnight mist
yet to find those bedsheet smiles with him laying beneath


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  • 12 years ago

    by Chloe

    Yay pretty.
    Hearts for you.
    Chloe x