And There She Was...

by Geoff Clemence   May 7, 2006

I saw you by the waters edge
When you were all alone
Your golden hair it danced with wind
Your electric blue eyes shone
I came and sat beside you
All the while I was amazed
At the beauty you behold
Transfixed I was to gaze
The words you spoke were like a song
Your smile took my breath
I had to know just who you are
As my heart raced inside my chest
We told each other stories
You made me laugh out loud
You made me feel that angels live
Far beneath the clouds
We spoke beneath a pitch dark sky
We wondered at the stars
As one fell I made a wish
That tonight would forever last
I see you now each morning
And spend time together each night
And when I hold your hand each time
It's never felt so right
So understand the way I feel
And the hopes and dreams I have
And I hope that soon you'll feel the same
And remain so close at hand...


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  • 12 years ago

    by Cimara

    Nice work! your words are truly magical, you send shivers down my spine.