She gives me..

by Geoff Clemence   Jun 15, 2006

So beautiful is she the one that I love
She's so perfect in every way
Her ora it shines like a light from behind
She brings sunshine when there are clouds in my day

Her lovely smile reminds me of youth
With out even a care in the world
Her heart is the essence of everything good
As it beats with the warmth it beholds

She's never afraid to show me true feelings
She never puts doubt in my mind
It's so easy to see as she holds me so tight
That I'm totally hers and she's mine

Her finger tips dance down my cheek to my chin
As she leans in and gives me a kiss
And she whispers to me of the love that she feels
My skin shivers as my heart fills with bliss

Every day my heart softens inside
With the love that she gives true to me
In return I give all that she wants in this world
Yes my love is what makes her happy...


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