What I Remember Is...[Extended and Revised]

by Josh   Aug 29, 2006

What I remember is
The way you used to hold me
The way you've always told me
To get rid of the old me
What I remember is
The pain I felt at night
When my love was not in sight
And getting high felt right
What I remember is
Chilling with Mary Jane
Then Playing ball in the rain
To escape the pain
What I remember is
I did it because of you
You drove me crazy but I knew
That it would be just us two
What I remember is
Me and you, you and I
The look in your eye
When you said you love me and I said why
What I remember is
Having the chance to be great
But I never treated my date
Like what she was; My Soul-mate
What I remember is
Never having the chance
I was full of romance
But couldn't dance when I needed to dance
What I remember is
I should've treated you better
Regretting but not normally a regretter
I deserved that "Dear John" letter
What I know NOW is
I finally earned the love of my life
After the years of strife
I'm able to make you my wife
What I wonder NOW is
When getting on one knee
And staring at the one who loves me
How much happier could I be?


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