by BeeBeeGun   Oct 1, 2006

Loves greater temptations
grown to make a stand
loves a greater influence
than any single man

Signs of pure emotion
showing the weaker strength
signs of pure devotion
fear you can defend

Love can make you fly in anger
make you fly in shame
but no other love can make it
fun to kiss in the rain

Love can make a memory
it can make a score
but no other love can make it
beyond the locked door

temptations of hope
beyond that faded dream
temptations of reality
pull you back to me

emotions bring the signs
the ones of jealousy
devotions brings the signs
of what you mean to me

anger less in love
shame less to make me fly
make it like no other to see
two hearts combine

memories of love
scores to recommend
make it like no other to see
beyond that bend

So keep the photographs
like a hallway of art
and keep the love a running
to the beating of my heart

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