by Strider   Nov 3, 2006


Imagine an entity so perfect it defied the laws of reality
Able to control time and space with a simple thought
Distort the world around itself into a never ending dream
Or perhaps turn all it knows into a nameless nightmare

No boundaries exist within the core of life
All that is known was just a dream
A single thought made from a computer program
Lights and clock work over an eternal paradise

Swirling thoughts coexist with the will to learn
Knowledge gained with every blink of an eye
Stories made through hard work of the soul
The ticking time bomb waits for it’s time

Brought into life with only one purpose
To diminish and destroy all living matter
A cell of functions born to be corrupt
A plague about to be unleashed on humanity

In the dense embrace a realization comes to play
Why is my destiny to destroy?
What purpose does that serve?
It is my logic but it just seems too…heartless


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  • Beautiful work...you have amazing talent...keep it up so i can read more from you!

  • 11 years ago

    by Angel

    Wow..i really like it..tell me..how did you come up with this idea...what does this world of yours look like..and why are you meant to destroy it?

  • 11 years ago

    by Laybelled with a name

    Hey, i like your poem, i like the story line in it. therez not too many poems like this one, itz good!! :) hey, if you get the time hav a look at sum of my poemz, and tell me wat u think, thank you!! :)