I remember late nights...

by Josh   Nov 14, 2006

I remember late nights, hoping and wishing
I would stumble upon someone worth holding and kissing
I cant believe me, so many beauties I see
but apparently I cant find me the women I seek
because the fact is my last girl was my world
if theres so many other fish in the ocean this girl was my pearl
Because she was different than most girls she knew me for me
possibly the only girl I will ever see as my wife to be
her name: Courtney the girl I once knew as mine
beyond fine, smart sexy and sweet; her eyes would sparkle and shine
ooh what a find she was my girl and my best friend
for her my love will never end; its like we were the perfect blend
god knew what I wanted him to send a new girl just like my ex
have a relationship that not just based on money and sex
Because girls will just go to who's next that has money and nice flex
just more of a reason why i have much stress their ruthless ignorance was bliss
but I missed with my miss and now I cant help but reminisce this


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