Am I not good enough?

by Hawaiian Chick   Dec 20, 2006

I really, really liked you,
and I thought you liked me too.
When you didn't know that,
we stuck together like glue.
But once I accidentally,
got the courage to tell you so,
You got mean and cocky,
the side of you I didn't know.
I cry by myself now,
as you sit there and gloat,
I hate you now, you know that,
I burned those letters you wrote.
I think you feel bad now,
but I'll never find out why,
you dug a hole too deeply,
you promised you'd never make me cry.
I thought you really loved me,
but I now know I was wrong,
I couldn't believe I fell for that act,
and your dedicated love song.
Good bye, my love,
my heart and soul,
my feelings now,
you'll never know.


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  • 12 years ago

    by DeepSoul

    That's really good sista! lol, I'm sorry guys are SO dumb! well.. relationships are hard! luv ya mucho mucho! ~Kim