Beautiful Woman of Love...

by Josh   Dec 24, 2006

Beauty now once again is within my reach
Every woman couldnt do what you did my heart you have breached
As I sit here my thoughts all involve you
Under your spell I cant help but feel about you the way I do
That feeling is the only thing that keeps me going
Instantly calming me as I wake up and go through everyday knowing
Falling for you was one of the best trips I've ever had
Utterly honest as you return that comment and also add
Loving you is easier than every thing I've ever did

Walking into your life was like taking my first steps as a kid
Overly excited as I embark on a new skill of my lifetime
Making you smile makes me smile it works instantly every time
A man is what I became when you the love of my life came
Not only having feelings the same but both think we have god to blame

Of a crime of passion a homicide of our pain
For making our lives better my heart is what my woman has slain

Lasting love as I hold you and look at you that way
On my mind always every day when to you i say
Very beautiful my beautiful woman of love from above
Every inch of my body wants to tell everybody why it is you I love

Now... If you didnt get it, this poem was also an acrostic.


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