She's Back Pt. II

by Josh   Jan 8, 2007

The one and only joy of my life is my girl
If there is so many other fish in the ocean this girl is my pearl
Because she's different than every girl I've ever met
An angel above the world whose beauty she's kept

Through the years, tears and fears we've faced
As death nears our peers have helped us replace
Our frowns with smiles, separated by miles
But one day out of nowhere again my number she dials

She's shown me the way today away from pain
May I say never go away and let that pain remain
Memories remain, kissing you playing in the rain
Only you, my love, know how to keep my brain sane

Thoughts and pictures kept me hoping and wishing
One day my love and I will be back together kissing
Feeling that feeling of being higher than the ceiling
My hearts been leaning meaning for us to start healing

So it can start healing putting the pieces back together
Together from the last time you left, pain lasted forever
But a remedy came showing your name on my caller Id
Your feeling that same shame the call was definitely for me

Nervous as I answered my phone pressing that call button
Already feeling nothing as I began talking to my one something
Hello? Your voice like heaven as we spoke
I felt my throat choke as I asked was your phone broke

Computer worked but I didn't even get an E-mail
Thoughts had me thinking you gave up on being my fe-male
Tried to move on but following someone perfect it was hard
Like trying to win poker but I was missing that one card

Short of a royal flush by missing the heart of my queen
My love to my queen is something never before seen
God is mean and selfish keeping his angel away from me
Your on his team but when will you start to play for me


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