Goodbye Kiss

by Sildaekar   Jan 28, 2007

I've given up,
I've wasted too much time,
I no longer see the point,
What's lost will never be mine.

My heart has frozen over,
The ice has become thick,
Now for the next girl,
It will be much harder to prick.

I'm sorry to say this,
But I can only wait so long,
When every time I turn on the TV,
I hear our song.

If you change your mind,
If you decide to return here,
I will not hesitate to take you back,
So do not fear.

However I must move on,
I can't dwell on the pain,
If I always did,
How would you expect me to stay sane.

Maybe this will help,
You choose between him and me,
another burden off your shoulders,
Another door to a lock and key.

What I said,
Still remains true,
No matter what,
I will always love you.

But at times I,
Must look out for myself,
It's better to be like this,
Then end up on an empty shelf.

Please don't cry,
I did this for you,
By telling you this,
I hoped your pain would end too.

If you want me to stay,
You must only say so,
But if not I must,
Say goodbye and go.

Go to that special place,
That's inside my head,
Where I won't have to,
Walk around everyday feeling dead.

I still love you and always will,
I just want you to keep my heart that you did so well to steal.

Now I must tell you,
Goodbye with this,
Here's the last of my love,
Here's a goodbye kiss.


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Latest Comments

  • 12 years ago

    by thing3

    Aww. this is so sweet!! well done =)

  • 12 years ago

    by Tara Kay

    Its kinda sweet, and the emotion is okay.
    it flows well, i liked it.
    well done
    love Tara-Kay