Happy Valentine's Day

by XSugarSexSuicideX   Feb 15, 2007

As I call him up tonight,
My heart begins to lift,
Somehow I have to tell him,
Just how much I loved the gift.
A bag of chocolate,
No, make that two,
Cinnamon cake,
And candy roses too,
A beautiful card
With a short little note,
I can feel my words
Getting caught in my throat.
He answers the phone,
With a whisper, like always,
I start with, "I love you!"
More today than all days,
He smiles and inquires
As to whether I received
The wonderful gift
That he mailed to me.
Of course, I answer,
With a look at the box,
It's an amazing gift,
In a word, it rocks!
We talk for a while
About cards and such,
All the while, I hope he knows,
That I miss him so much.
By the time he has to go,
I still have much to say,
But I forget to let it show, and
Wish him a happy Valentine's Day.


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