Not just a love letter

by LonelyKnights   Feb 16, 2007

Dear sally.
I have something you should hear.
It is something I must say.
It is something you might know.

But I must say it.
If not for you, then for me.
This is not a love letter.
It is much more than that.

It is more than any love letter could ever hope to be.
These are hard times I know.
And I know you need help.
So think of this as an offer, from me to you.

From a king to his queen.
I will stand by your side,
Through this, through all time,
For my body is but bones.

I still love you, and this love will keep,
Even my heart alive.
And although I bleed no longer, or even feel pain,
I would rip out my lungs to give to you.

If only to spare you the pain of breathing.
Sally, you were always there for me,
I never realized just how much,
And now here I stand, alone in life.

Rain, washing down my face.
With hands held out,
Waiting for your touch,
And my offer to be taken.

My heart no longer beats for life.
And nothing can stop me from loving you.
So my beautiful rag doll,
This is not a love letter.

But something more.
I love you Sarah.
You are my Sally.
And I am your Jack.

10:09 16/02/07


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  • 11 years ago

    by Not Bulletproof

    I accept, dear Jack.
    I will love you forever.

    Few things:
    "If not for you then for me."
    --You should put a comma after you.
    "If only to spare you the pain or breathing."
    --'Or' should be 'of'

    I love you so much. Forever.

    --Lady Sorrow♥.

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