Death To Valentines

by LoveAndAddictions   Feb 19, 2007

The day of love
The day of happiness
The day of
Saint Valentines Death

The day to make the single
Feel like s**t
The day that everyone in school
Wears red and pink
The day of of love represented by
Hearts,chocolate and more pink
The day to celebrate love
By buying diamonds,roses,and other bulls**t
Another greeting card holiday
To make you spend more cash

But think really hard
Look deep down inside yourself
Did anything really amazing
Happen to you on Valentines
For some it may have

But think of what this holiday sends out
You have to love and cherish your other
But shouldn't you do that as an everyday thing
You get to spoil "your girl"
But couldn't you do that outta the blue
Doesn't that sound more romantic to you
You get to more money on chocolate
Just because now it comes in a cute heart box

So think about it,
And learn what really took place
It might give you second though
About all the love we show now
To see how much things change as its goes on
To celebrate the murder of a Saint
The death of a man who had done no wrong
Thats what we celebrate
Every year

And cover our ways
With love
Wrap it in pink
Bury it in chocolate and roses
Let it dye into diamonds
Death to Valentines Day.


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