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Hey im Kirsti aka Kissi. For 16 i've been to hell and back. more than once. a big part of my life has been music,and drugs(sadly)&im use to getting f**ked over in life <|3 So my advice live everyday as if it were the last and make the best of it. And kno that you always have someone thats loves you. <3

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Latest Poems By LoveAndAddictions

  • As the world spins
    round and round...

  • What did i do to deserve this?
    why couldn't you just stay, with me...

  • Try it (1)

    Say it again,
    but this time to my face...

  • Don't f**king talk to me,
    like I'm a worthless piece of s**t...

  • I wish that i could say the way
    say the way i feel today...

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  • You think that people would have herd enough of, our silly love songs.
    -Mulon Rouge

    17 years ago
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  • B**ch please, ya must have a mental disease. Resume the position, get back down on ya knees

    17 years ago
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  • A wise man will speak because he has something to say.
    A fool will speak because he has to say something.

    17 years ago
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