My Shoes

by Avrii Monrielle   Feb 27, 2007

My Shoes

I used to think you were wonderful,
More than anyone could ask for
You were the one I loved the most
But in the end, who hurt more?

Was it me, for trying, attempting,
Accepting advanced rejection
In hopes of maybe, some day,
Gaining your affection?

Or was it you, for going after
Someone that poured their heart out
Even though the same type
Was left alone, here to shout?

You ran to me for advice
When the world turned a cold shoulder
I smiled, put you in her shoes
Telling you to hug and hold her

Saying that if I was that girl
That waited for so long
And swore to take a bullet
How could anything go wrong?

Joking about how much she loves you
Sadly, in a way, I'm that same girl,
I let her try on my shoes
That's the reason why it hurts

You see, I handed my shoes
Over to her on loan
I wanted her to have a chance
To see you when she gets home

It should be me wearing those shoes
I had them first; they're mine
Some twisted Cinderella fairytale
That's spoiled over time

She's my step sis, sweetly asking
To try them on just once
I can't wait 'till Prince Charming
Finds out that she's a dunce

I'm thinking about giving up
Locked inside this pantry
Right now you're on a date
So no Prince Charming can save me

I think I should have given up
A long time ago
I tried to sound my feelings out
But now you'll never know

I told you that I liked you
You thought it was a hoax
But now the joke's on you
My love was just false hope

I chased you for three sweet years
But you never turned an eye
So now, the time has come to say
I think this is goodbye

Your girl is calling on the phone
You might want to pick up
Please talk after I already go
I think I've had enough

I'm tired of your girlfriend
She's wearing out my shoes
To love someone that's taken
Please tell me, what's the use?

I cried and screamed for many days
And yet, I hooked you up
You don't like her, but you let her say
The two of you are in love

It breaks my heart to know that
Friends think you two are on
The same page, for I know that
They can't tell that they are wrong

I'm sorry, but I love you
It's too much to deny
But I cannot blame myself
Those shoes are really mine

I loved you first.


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Latest Comments

  • 11 years ago

    by Elissa morris

    This poem is exactly wat i am going through rightn ow and it actually made me cry honestly im bawling this poem is absolutly amazing and i feel your pain!!!

  • 11 years ago

    by aDORKable x3

    Kristi, I loved this one. I read it on the contest page and I had HAD HAD to come and comment on it. Some of the rhyme is a little off, but the story line and flow make up for it. Great job and I'm worried that I have competition. c[:
    easy 5/5

  • 11 years ago

    by just a poet

    Beautiful poem. who is it about. anyone u've told me about. is this ur step sis bf. great poem. as usual you rock. also i know u say the girl is their but it doesnt matter i can always supress it. she doesn't belong. im sorry if i sound wierd or different but i just can't go on. 5/5