by FlirtingWithDeath   Mar 13, 2007

Snow melts,
No more winters wraths,
The sun peeks out
Behind the clouds.

The flowers bloom
With the sent of green grass
Time to watch,
The winter pass.

Blue sky
Come out and play,
No longer playing peek-a-boo
When there was
A down poor of rain.

Days last longer,
Butterflies fly higher,
Birds sing in their nest,
No longer in distressed.

A spray of ocean breeze,
No longer will
Make you freeze,
What a lovely sight,
Of a beauty scenery.

The warmth will fill
Your heart
Spring is
A masterpiece of art.


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  • 11 years ago

    by Teria

    I loved itttttttttttttt. :]
    especially the last stanza.
    You're a masterpiece of art, bby. :]
    ily <3

  • Lovely poem. Spring is the best season. 5/5

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