Death's Split Cranium

by Charlene   Mar 26, 2007

Breathless to yell when needed most
Expression so shocked cause seen the ghost

Withered face and silver hair
Body.s gone but the spirit.s there
Hollow figure and coldest air
Unearthly presence will no doubt but scare

Death in this place was unknown
But now you are there and all alone

Would have anyone heard your screams?
Or the whispered threats he gave in your dreams?

Through the fog, disturb the mist
Unraveled his sharpened nails
And slashed your wrist

On a moonless night is when he.ll creep
You.ll close you eyes and he.ll watch you sleep
He.ll shadow over and hungrily
Drink the blood you seep
Your liquid of life is now his keep

His ambition to break the devils. spell
His only option in time would tell
Either he embody himself and on earth he.ll dwell
Or fail to do so and be condemned to hell.


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