Boiled down to the bare minimums

by bex   Apr 3, 2007

I can taste you on my lips. because we ate the same at lunchtime
i can't get you out of my head. because you're on my desktop.
my media player plays our songs. because you sent me half your play list.
your scent is everywhere i go. because you lent me your jumper.

i feel faint when i see you. because I'm dehydrated.
i feel sick at the thought of eating, because my body is in shut down.
my mind wont concentrate. because you've taken up full capacity.
your face looks like perfection. because no-one looks like you do.

it's not love, it's just a chemical imbalance.
it's not lust, it's just my hormones on a riot.
i don't feel loneliness, I'm just bored of my own company.
I'm not an insomniac, i just can't seem to sleep.

I've not disowned you. you're just absent for now.
I've not thought of anyone new. you're just not the front runner.
unaware of my surroundings. you're not my first concern.
control back in my hands. you're not holding my instructions.


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  • 11 years ago

    by sugarfacex

    Good but sad well done x