by Aodh Hyperion   Apr 6, 2007

Through the waters of north
A lot of collapsed bridges separated us
From the terrace in Milan I can see
the morning come forth
I get my bike and go to the harbour to see you sail on
You see me now and no more gloomy gus

We were moving in different ways
Two broken hearts led by two incomplete suns
But I heard the wind whisper our names
That's when the sky becomes blue-eyed
Just like your beautiful ones

Fly fly wings...

And there you are
Watching the flocks of snow on the window
Busy mind dreaming nothing so far
Night lays the stars on your pillow
And there I am
Playing the piano for you on the corner of a bar

He saw his face...
They fell in love on a train to Russia

Two eternal flames turned into one
Two hearts waiting for something... waiting for time
Through the fields of Der Schwarzwald to the Coast of Eire
In the rain, you dance just like a child and to the infinite we run
Years will pass by, things will change but one thing remains
This feeling we have about each other, this love in chains

Some people may not understand our points of view
I like talking to the like controlling your army of rangers
But I love the way we are together and the way we were strangers
Dreaming of you was not a fact but a gift in a place where birds flew
To the depths of your heart and found only love for me forever

Fly fly wings to the infinite one
To meet my soul mate
I will wait you until late
Until the midnight sun


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