Story Of True Love (my best ever written)

by Andrew   Apr 9, 2007

There once was a boy.
Destined to find his one true love.
He wanted the perfect girl.
One who was sent from above.

He kept on looking everyday.
And he had a few on his mind.
But it was that one special girl.
That he really wanted to find.

Then one day at school.
He was walking through the hall.
And as he looked up.
It was his one special girl he had saw.

He made eye contact with her.
And she gave him a smile.
He had no idea...
That they would meet in a while.

He tried to think of ways to meet her.
And what he would say.
He had no idea...
That she was thinking the same way.

Then that special day came.
That he had been waiting for.
He met her at a basketball game.
And there was nothing he had wanted more.

They hit it off from the start.
Flirting the whole time.
He really knew in his heart.
That she was truly one of a kind.

Soon after they met.
They got together.
They were so much alike.
And wanted it to last forever.

Then this one special night came.
When she caught him by surprise.
She told him she loved him.
As she looked into his eyes.

The boy was so happy.
He couldn't believe she felt the same way.
"I love you too".
Was all that he could say.

When they were together.
Nothing else mattered.
He had no idea...
His heart was soon to be shattered.

He learned she had been talking to another guy.
And flirting with him behind his back.
So he broke up with her.
And happiness is what he would forever lack.

He tried so hard to hold her tight.
And never let her go.
But for all that hard work.
He had nothing left to show.

She told him she didn't like him anymore.
And that she liked the other guy.
All the boy had running through his mind.
Was that one question, why?

He had so many questions left unanswered.
And didn't know what else to do.
How could she break his heart.
When she was the first to say, "I love you".

Time and time had passed.
And the boy was still not over her.
He finally knew what to do.
And that was for sure.

He would end his life.
The bullet pierced straight threw his heart.
It didn't hurt him so bad.
Because it was already torn apart.

That night the girls phone rang.
Then she got the bad news.
The boy took his own life.
The one she had abused.

The girl sat in her room.
Thinking about what she had done.
It didn't take her long to realize.
That he was really the one.

He did everything for her.
And he was there for her when she was down.
As she opened the purse he gave back to her.
There was a letter, she had found.

"Dear one true love.
I hope your happy with the choice you made.
My heart is so torn apart.
You know the one you had played.

I said I will always love you.
My words always stay so true.
Your not the same girl anymore.
The one I thought I knew.

Don't worry my heart will weep for you.
While I'm watching over you from up above.
No matter how bad you have hurt me.
You are still my one true love."

The girls tears fell on the floor into a puddle.
As she sat there crying on her knees.
She sat there crying for hours.
Screaming why did this happen to me.

She really still loved him.
But she hid her true feelings from the world.
She thought they would be back together someday.
What a poor little girl.

So she spent the rest of her life single.
Saving herself until she could see him again.
Her words were really true.
Like when she said she'd love him until the end.

Then her day came after she grew so old.
She was happy to find out.
That he really waited for her.
And walking through Heavens Gate, his hand...
She would tightly hold.

Please Comment and rate this poem...its the best one i have ever wrote and its by far my favorite and hopefully yours...I'm only 19 and when i wrote this poem i was just 17 years old. Thank you!


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  • 11 years ago

    by David

    You need to fix up the word hear to HEART at the start of the letter in the purse.

    well done. so much love thru out this whole poem. times of sadness too, but fantastic times of love also..

    5/5 David

  • 11 years ago

    by Finalgravedigger

    OH I can relate to this poem lovin it 5/5 our club rules.

  • 11 years ago

    by Jamie Lorraine

    I LOVE it!!! amazing truly it was everything a poem should be and more! it made me feel like it happened to me i felt like i was there the whole time. i'm adding you to my favorites keep it up and plz check out mine


  • 11 years ago

    by Jennifer

    That was a terrific poem! Well written! Made me tear up a little! Good work! 5/5! Keep up the good writing!

  • 11 years ago