My Angel

by Bob   Apr 22, 2007

Blood stained crimson sun slowly deflating against the afternoon sky.
Gazing staring into the infinite endless space constantly wondering why.
Precious crystal tears fall silently crashing breaking upon the dusty earth.
Fighting struggling searching everywhere hopelessly for some worth.
Her baby soft tender hands holding caressing my pale dirty face.
My vile stupid cheating heart betrayed me falling for this angel of grace.
Emotions long thought forgotten flood my brain overwhelming my feeble mind.
Conflicting constricting feelings for her placing me in an inescapable bind.
Kissing her smooth pink lipstick stained lips passionately and deep.
Throwing carelessly mindlessly away human thoughts I am hers to keep.
Sweet tasty tangy kisses make my super strength leave me drained weak.
Numbing playfully bites to my slender neck make my lustful eyes dare to peek.
Oh her name now escapes running rampant and free from my smiling lips.
As I gently lovingly hold her close my rough scared hands on her hips.
I fiercely happily love the one who tactfully stole my heart that fateful day.
Daring testing never shall I succumb fail to love her come what may.


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