by Sildaekar   Apr 23, 2007

When I saw you,
I was so happy I could die,
But instead I gave you a hug,
As a tear fell from my eye.

The night we spent together,
Though nothing took place,
I felt complete again,
Like I was staring an Angel in the face.

You looked even more beautiful,
Then I could ever remember,
You have grown,
Through the cold December.

Though far and apart,
We may just forever be,
My love for you remains,
As wide and deep as the sea.

It is said that love,
Is stronger when they're apart,
But I love you as it is,
And I want you to have my heart.

Whatever the price,
I'm willing to pay,
To get me back home,
And allow me to stay.

So that I may hold you,
Any time that I dare,
And that I may truly,
Show you how much I care.

I love you,
Weather you know it or not,
You have just no clue,
As to how much I've fought.

Fought to keep you as a friend,
If nothing ever more,
All while searching for a key,
To open up that locked door.

Alas, I must be going,
And bid you my farewell,
"I love you",
Is all I wanted to tell.


If anyone can think of a name for this please tell me...thanks :)


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