Shank of Senselessness

by Domino0792   Apr 24, 2007

The never ending dreams of tomorrow
Seem to crush the dichotomy of right
Praying sheds brief light
On the forever darkened future.

Thy every awakening trance
Haunts me into a frightening lumber
The walls seem to be seeping
And sharing the vital fluid.

Lost within a unchanging trepidation
Screaming help with sustenance
Except I already know my Saviour
And that is in the appearance of a shank.

Each penetration gathers my intrepidity
Each slice condemns senselessness
This is martyrdom in all its forms
The fantasy is unbelievably pleasing.

Whisper towards the skys of Zion
Tumult downwards to the grounds of Hades.
"Penetration saved me from thy hands of
unworthy misery, thy died by thy shank."


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  • 11 years ago

    by kristen

    Whoa that was so good lol it was like beyond my vocabulary , deep, different, and just awesome . keep it up =)

  • 11 years ago

    by Simple Sensation

    I loved the title fo this poem. It really caught my attention and drew me into the poem. It was also kindof like an alliteration. I mean i wondered what you menat by this title. It really made me want to read the poem. The first stanza made me think. It created this image in my head of something just clashing togerther and sending of sparks. I quite enjoyed this. In the secound stanza youve got this feel of sleep and unconciousness. Then you also had this religious feel towards the end of the poem. very intresting read. Your vocbulary choice was excllent, you made me get out Quite dark and i wonder what you were thinking of when writing this peace. Brilliant read. To improve i suggest you sue a more widening punctuation. But still a great read. keep writing! x