My Rose

by Bob   May 4, 2007

Time ceasing stopping frozen as this golden haired angel walks by.
Eyes more captivating glamorous then the deepest ocean or bluest sky.
Cursed vile emotions swelling building up inside my feeble human brain.
Oh how satisfying glorious it would be to kiss her rose pink lips in pouring rain.
But what chance does a dirty stupid mortal have with a perfect goddess like her?
Lies slowly surely begin to trick my cruel spiteful heart making feelings stir.
Why does God tempt me with such a graceful lovely creature this day?
Sweet quick suicide would be better nicer come whatever may.
I feel gentle pillow soft hands wipe my crystal tears.
My cheeks blush crimson red wanting wishing to calm all my fears.
A surprising shocking miniature kiss on my tear stained right cheek.
Dumbly fainting unknowingly unmercifully trying to be meek.
Kissing passionately deeply her lips sealing completing my fate.
Forever hers to keep never budging leaving her since this life changing date.


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