Gangsta Love :. vs ::

by Nanies   May 8, 2007

My Heart is beating fast, i have funny feelings in my stomatch, my head is spinning in circles, and my body feels so week. . im sitting here waiting for the responce to my question, is he still in the gang? or will we grow our lives together with none of that drama. . i don't want to risk my life, or the life of my future child, thats why i ask. . im still waiting for his responce, but he isn't texting back, could this mean he dosent want to admit to being in that Thug/Cholo life, or am i getting text's late??? either way, right now, im not feeling so good, i feel nautious and it feels like my heart beats faster between the seconds that pass by. .My blood pressure feels high, and i feel im barely breathing. .my phone just vibrated, he just text me back,my hearts is beating so fast, like a race horse on the track. . i want to look at my phone and see his responce but im scared because if he is, then i dot want to cry in class. . he said yes, he is still in a gang. .that tares my heart apart. . i want to break down and cry, but i know i have to be strong. . i love Francisco more then i love myself, but having a child with him, would put me and our child in danger, and i don't want that to happen. . why is love so difficult??? why did i have to fall in love wit a Thug??? . . wit a Gangsta. .



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