Dont let go

by Colby   May 16, 2007

Don't let go
because I might not ever see you again
we met at the beginning hoping there was no end
but now we met and cant close our eyes
we laugh here and there telling no lies,

Don't let go
because something bad might happen to you
and it will hurt me more to know there was nothing I could do
without you in my arms there is nothing that could hurt me worse
there is nothing more important in the whole universe,

Don't let go
Ill miss you forever and ever
without seeing your eyes and holding your hand must be never
watching you walk away is like a bullet to the heart
thinking you and I are only further apart,

Don't let go
things will never be the same
ill keep that beautiful picture of you in the frame
have my hand on it day and night
I will not give up without a fight,

Don't let go
because I love you with my heart
I couldn't keep my eyes off you from the start
and now hand to hand we are together
heart to heart for ever and ever.


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Latest Comments

  • 10 years ago

    by Roxy

    The last stanza truly touched me =] I was amazing Im going to say it to my loved one =P Lol!! Nah ^^ I'd like to though lol. It's how I feel right now maybe thats why I love this poem so much =] Its really special to have someone who cares about you and its so hard when they fade away more each day... Anyway Wonderfull write =] keep up the amazing work I admire this poem ^^ Favorited xxxx 5/5 Love Roxy

  • 11 years ago

    by MaSkEdSoUl

    I like how you repeated Dont Let Go before every line. The flow of it was good and it had great rhythm. But I found a couple of lines that I thought you might of missed a word or missplaced it:

    "watching you walk away is a like bullet to the heart"

    I think you meant to say, watching you walk away is like a bullet to the heart, you put the 'a' before like.

    "and now hand hand to we are together"

    On this I think you meant to say 'hand in hand' and take off the word 'to'. Other than those I didnt find anything wrong with it. Well done!