Congratulations, Class of 08!!!!!

by TaNyabAbEE   May 24, 2007

Good choices and bad ones,
we've made thru the years.
When we receive our diplomas,
I know I'll shed some tears.
I'll always remember the past 4 years,
the drama, the tears and all the catfights.
Making new friends and losing some,
but in the end, our class remained tight.
There are the people we hate,
and the people we love.
But the goal that we all share,
is stand togethe, always stand tough.
I love this class so much,
you are all my friends.
I'll miss you forever,
but this ain't the end.
After this day we'll be gone,
we'll leave this place behind.
We'll venture out into the world,
and hope our dreams we find.
But remember this you'll never be alone,
these people are in your fate.
The time has come, we made it here,
congratulations, my Class Of 08!!!

thanks for reading this. i plan to read this to my class at our graduation next year. please let me know honestly what you think and if you have any suggestions or changes, please let me hear them. Thanks!!


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  • 11 years ago

    by Charise

    I absoulyutly luv this poem, cause i am class of 08 in hs too. and it made me cry, b/c i dont wanna leave hih school. well 5/5 great job!!!