by CHRiSTiNE   May 30, 2007

May 29th 2007

I don't know where to start, but know this is coming from my heart.
Well from day one when i saw your smile i remember getting lost in that smile for a while.
And when we first spoke i was so nervous i nearly choked.
And when you asked me to be yours i swear i froze...saying "yes" come to think of it i was probably a huge mess.
But i remember those days i would cry and hearing your voice eased the pain.
And your hands filled mine when we walked side by side.
And with you i'd always show myself i never tried to hide.
Though now a days it's not all smiles and laughs i can honestly tell you were not gonna last.
And its not that im having 2ndd thoughts, i swear thats not it at all, but sometimes i feel like im losing you all.
I remember every single day i used to pray for our relationship and pray for you to stay.
And now your telling me you still have feelings for someone else yet your still telling me you "LOVE ME" but i dont understand how you can love me when your truly in love with someone else.

So i just wanna say in this letter...hopefully shes better.



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  • 11 years ago

    by Sara

    Hey gurl=). sorry but how are you now? i hope you are better and that you're able to smile again.. or maybe you hooked up together again?