by sandra   Jun 2, 2007

He sits in the corner wonderin why his parents dont love him.
He doesnt know what he did.... did i do somethin wrong?
Mommy why dont you feed me?...its been two days...
Daddy why dont you clean me...its been two weeks....
how come i cant learn tuh read like the rest of the jkids like me....
I should be in 2nd grade...but i havent even started kindergarden...
Why dont you love me?
I wish i knew what i did to make you guys hate me so....
Was i too loud?.... did i make a big mess?...
why cant you love me?
I had to lie about muh bruises...i didnt tell them that you hit me for no
reason...or was it becuz i slept too long?
I didnt mean tuh piss you off...
Mommy please love me.... if you love me maybe daddy will stop hittin me
Daddy put me down... daddy your scarin me
Mommy make daddy stop dont let him throw me
Daddy i cant breathe u crushed muh bones......
Mommy why didnt u stop daddy..... did you not want me?
Did you want tuh burry me?
How come i didnt get a funeral?
Why did you wrap me in a trash bag?
Mommy Daddy... why couldnt you love me?

This boy was only 9 years old please do what u can to prevent child abuse!!!!!!


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  • 11 years ago

    by Nicole

    Its great and soooo sad!!!!!

  • 11 years ago

    by Tracy D Rollings

    Hi great poem , I write a lot on child abuse , when through it for 16 years , and I love this write , you need to fix some misspelled words but all in all great job , glad to see someone coming out with it
    how come i cant learn tuh read like the rest of the jkids like see what I mean. good work be watching you , and drop by and read a few , you don't have to vote or comment , just read, it's all true, thanks your friend Tracy5/5