You cheated on me

by Joselyn   Jun 6, 2007

You made me cry...
you walked away with your �i�m sorry touch�
and as you must have known, it didn�t comfort me much.
the warmth of your hands made me shiver and shake,
a feeling so cold, like my heart might just break.
hugging myself so as to keep from crying,
no one could hear of my sad, helpless crying.
my green eyes were hurting, so i squeezed them shut tight.
so shameful it�d be to spill tears, so i�d fight.
my breathing was harsh and coming in gasps,
hot air suffocating, incapable to grasp
the idea that you�d do that, and not even say
one word about it, as though it�s right and o.k..
i can�t seem to picture that you could do me so,
hurt me, and pain me, and make me feel so...
make me feel so sad, like the world�s coming down.
falling hard into every emotion around.
make me feel so used,
so terribly confused,
cause it was so hard to believe,
that you�d ever choose...
to do what you did, to lie and to cheat,
to betray my trust; to fake the deceit,
to pretend that nothing had ever gone wrong,
that you did as you said, only to me you belonged.
i wasn�t there, though i so longed to be,
hugging and kissing, you with me happily.
you said to me later it was boring, and no fun,
that you sat there all night, waiting for it to be done.
well, now i know, those were lies, so untrue, and so fake.
you didn�t waste a moment, thinking not of heartbreak.
you said that you stopped, all due to me.
but, tell me, how long did it take you to see?...
that what you did was wrong and would only bring pain?
one hour? two? again and again...
you said it was her, that she came to you.
then why didn�t you stop her? say you had something to do?
do tell me something, were you happy or sad?
did she make you excited? surely not scared or even mad?...
what went through your mind, when you held her and kissed her?
did you think of your girlfriend, did you even miss her?........
miss me, think of me, as you cheated on me?
yearn for me, wish for me, as you cheated on me?
did you see my face, as you cheated on me?
imagine our fingers laced, as you cheated on me?
did you think how i�d cry, when you cheated on me?
make up your lie, as you cheated on me?
did you tell them not to tell, that you�d cheated on me?
think i wouldn�t find out, that you�d cheated on me?...
at first, i was scared, and this was expected.
even so far as inevitably dreaded.
then came the �i love you�s, and �i love you more�s.
all worries escaped and went away, for i adored,
you and all that you did, how you loved me and how we,
must absolutely, completely be meant to be.
i never imagined that you�d make me cry,
make me sob, make me weep, oh so weak, i did cry.
tears streaming down my face with such hard, cruel reality.
and, though i know you are still cheated on me.........


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