I need you in my life

by CiCi91   Jun 17, 2007

I can remember times, that we shared
Let me just take a second, to realize, you don't care
Can't you see how many tears i've cried, because of you i'm like this
Just look in my eyes, it's you that I miss

Baby, take your hands, put them on my waist
Then give me those lips, I need a taste
Open them gorgeous blue eyes, so I can gaze deep inside
To prove that i've never stoped loving you, your mine

I often lie awake at night, crying out your name
I miss you so bad, I wonder, do you feel this pain?
I smile at those photos your sister took of us
I never thought in a millions years, I would cherish them this much

Baby, I need to hear you say, you love me, just one last time
Because it's always you, thats running through my mind
I need to feel the touch of your hand on my cheek
I miss that feeling, that made me week

I drove to your house, knocked on the door, you told me to come inside
You smiled with joy, you held my hand, I fell in your arms and cried
'My heart aches, it's going to break, I need you in my life'
You looked at me, and smiled and said, 'Will you be my wife?'


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  • 11 years ago

    by chris

    Thats real good keep it up

  • 11 years ago

    by Tylor delcourt

    That is so sweat i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!