by amber   Jun 20, 2007

Standing in my gown
Starting at the crowd
Everybody cheering
Everyone's so loud

Surrounded by my classmates
We finally made it through
So scared, but so excited
I don't know what to do

Everything I've worked for
Every single dream
Wrapped up in this moment
And every single scream

While Hagadone is talking
I think about the past
I would give up anything
To make the memories last

I think about the struggles
And barely making by
But everything so worth it
I fight the urge to cry

Next speaking are my classmates
They've achieved so much
Academic excellence
And all the souls they touch

Their words bring many memories
Some old, and some new
And when they say its over
I wish it wasn't true

I think about the classes
And every single friend
I think about what I went through
To get me to the end

I think about that endless project
And every sleepless night
Knowing that it's worth it
Glad I fought the fight

So scared and so frightened
My heart begins to race
I cover up with a smile
Spread across my face

The ushers move their arms
Signaling when to go
I start to feel so nervous
The best nervous I'll ever know

Standing on the stairs
I can hardly wait
To finally accept my diploma
And finally accept my fate

Walking across the stage
My name that they call
Everybody cheering
I think about it all

No longer scared or nervous
Everyone's so loud
Walking down the stairs
I know that they are proud

I look at all my classmates
I look at my best friend
I can't believe I made it
Made it to the end

I couldn't have done it alone
So many help me through
To all my friends and family
I want to say thank you

And finally to my parents
You always have been there
You told me that you loved me
You showed me that you care

All the years we've been through
I hope you understand
How much it meant to me
When you took me by the hand

Years will come and go
Memories will erase
But I can never forget
The look across your face

All the teachers clapping
As we're walking through the lines
So much that I owe them
They made this moment mine

My high school graduations
A night I won't forget
As I start life's new chapter
No worries, no regrets


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  • 10 years ago

    by xoxoRoseyxoxo

    Oh my goodness ur the besdt

  • 11 years ago

    by April McLaren

    Oh and congrats

  • 11 years ago

    by April McLaren

    It was awesome i cried when i read it as i remembered my graduation and how i wish that i could go back

  • 11 years ago

    by Melpomene

    Your write long poems but truely capturing i think its effective the length you write with. Congrats on your graduations. Well done on writing about a special moment in your life which would capture so many others. ~mel

  • 11 years ago

    by hani

    very nice and beautiful good work keep it up 5/5 .
    and i'll appreciate your vote and comment for my poems