Turned Around

by BeeBeeGun   Jul 23, 2007

Looking to the sun and sea
Loosing control, living free
Motionless and inexistent
Life just had an endless distance

The cold breeze that flows
Living life with pure cost
Hassel, fuss and lies
Left me feeling lost

The emptiness of shadows
the haunting of my dreams
The population of humans
who didn't believe in me

My life was worn and broken
my heart so incomplete
My words just came out empty
wounds of life did sting

Then a sudden rush so true
brought you to me and me to you
Our eyes collided at first glance
you gave my life that sudden chance

Our hearts beat on just the same
with endless pure emotion
Our days have since been changed
with love and pure devotion

You took the clouds and formed a sky
You took the stars and made a scene
You took what hurt me most
and made my beauty be believed

My heart now feels the motion
of a beating melody
Sing me our first song again
the silent symphonies

Take my cold worn hands
guide me to your warmth
Take my heart and keep it
watch this love grow strong


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