A Boy and A Girl

by Jess   Jul 28, 2007

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A boy and a girl
Pledge to be best friends
They grew up together
There was no ends

They caught each other
When they fall
They were perfect
They had it all

They caught
Each others tear
And the scared away
Each others fear

They both grew up
To each of them being there
They were in love
But afraid to share

Prom was coming
They had no dates
But they knew who to take
It was just fate

They went together
And had a blast
They joke and laughed
About the past

Prom ended
They walked to the car
No seat belts on
Because they don't have to drive far

Their peaceful drive
They just talked
They stop by the beach
For a little walk

They walked together
On a full moon night
The wanted to tell each other
But held it in with all of their might

They wanted to tell
About their love
That they were the one
From up above

They walked on the beach
Just holding hands
As they flirt
With every step in the sand

They finally drove home
And called it a night
They shared a hug
Where they held each other tight

The boy was thinking
As he drove
But turned the car around
For her is what he strived

He wanted to tell her
How he felt
That she was the one
Who made his heart melt

He was only thinking
About what he was going to say
And he had high hopes
She felt that same way

He was at a intersection
The light turned green
He started moving
As another car sped to the scene

They hit head on
Glass and blood all around
He laid there
Replaying the sounds

He kept thinking
He had to get to her
Because he was hurt
And she was the only cure

He went to get up
But was overcome by pain
He couldn't move
He began going insane

A woman in a store
Heard the crash
She told the cops
About the smash

The cop sped
To the scene
Where he saw
Just mangled machines

The cop was amazed
So he made his way
To the other car
Where he had nothing to say

A dead drunk driver
Sealed it all
He knew what happen
And the fate of the call

He looked around for the boy
Who was 20 feet away
Struggling to her house
To say what he had to say

the cop told him to stop
But he didn't care
He needed to see her
He wanted to get there

They look him to the hospital
As she got a call
It was his mother
Who told it all

She got in her car
And raced to her love
She just kept praying
To God above

She got there
And ran inside
Went in his room
And stood by his side

With all his might
I love you came out
I know your the one
I have no reason to doubt

I love you too
As she cried
Then he slowly
Stared to die

The nurses took her out
As she put up a fight
She just slowly saw him
Going out of her sight

As she cried
She dropped on her knees
Praying to God
"Please take me"

Hours have passed
The doctor finally came out
With a sad look
She had no doubt

She knew what was coming
He looked too bad
She didn't want to hear it
He was all she had

She started crying
Knowing whats to come
She just knew it
Her life was undone

But behind the doctor
A shine of light
he came strolling out
He was such a sight

She smiled from ear to ear
Knowing he was okay
And was stupid to think
he would leave her today

She ran up to him
And said "I love you"
"You are my one
My best friend so true"

They grew up together
In each other's life
They lived Happily ever after
As husband and wife

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  • 11 years ago

    by Jessicca Wiemken

    This was really good i liked it alot.

  • 11 years ago

    by amanda

    Wow that was probably by far the best story/poem i think i have ever read. when i read it i related it to me and my long time pal and it really has meaning to it....great job