by Shaine   Jul 28, 2007

As i was walkin by, i saw this guy, and i asked him if he would like sum pie.
He asked me wat flava and i told him its me boo.
Would u like 2 taste wat i got to offer? if u turned it down it will b a disaster.
Try it, and u will like it, it has all kinds of ingredients from Sugar, and spice, and a lil bit of everything nice
sexy and hot, that's wat u will like alot!
so tell me do you want to taste my delicious pie?
it will have you high, if not y?
free for all da cuties, expensive for da poor
come get a taste of wat i got to give, and alot more!


AGAIN i was jus havin a lil bit of fun, and if u peepz who read it think its corny den, i guess thats me! and u don't kno wats fun is...u should try it! but to the ppl who thought it was cute and funny den THANK YOU!!!!


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