by Seth   Aug 5, 2007

Whenever the phone rings,
my heart starts to pound.
I cant wait to pick up and hear,
that angelic sound.
i know who it is
with that first word from you.
and then in my head becomes
wrapped up in you...

Hey how you doin?
Well i am just fine.
Cant believe we havent talked,
for such a long time.
Well i have errands to run,
and a bunch of stuff to do.
I just wanted to call and say,
that my love is always with you.

That familuar car sound,
can be heard over my show.
I turn the T.V. off,
and baby i go.
i run outside
and throw my arms around you.
Then poof i wake up, but its ok,
i know your having that dream too.

.Its crazy sometimes,
how real it all seems.
And how we cant tell whats real,
and whats a really good dream.
Its not a problem though,
and i know you know this too.
No matter where i am when i wake up,
my love is always with you

I'm waiting for you...
to see what i see...
every time i look in your eyes...
i see all that i'll ever need....

It's not a problem though,
and i know you know this true.
where ever i wake up,
my love is always with you.


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Latest Comments

  • 10 years ago

    by JustKristina

    Oh my god... this is freaking amazing.. i've been reading poems all day trying to find a really "good" one and this is the first one that has really touched my heart. This is amazing, you did such a wonderful job.. not very many people can put words together like you just did in this poem. You did great! keep up the freaking amaz-az-az-ing work!!!!! :D

  • 10 years ago

    by Jamie Lorraine

    I love this one... it is sweet and caring. truly amazing!!!

    great job 5/5

  • 10 years ago

    by crazyboutlife

    I absolutely love this one... it semi-reminds me of someone in my life.. only a little bit different.... good job anyway!!