You hurt me but i still love you, and allways will

by Kristal   Aug 23, 2007

I feel in love with you the first day I saw you.

I was to shy and too young to say or do anything about it.
So I waited for you to love me, I waited for so long.
I remember the lonely nights knelling on my floor
Looking threw my window at the stars, praying for you to love me one day.

The day you came to me and said you wanted to be that "special some" one with me, I was speechless.

The moments we shared were so special, so gifted, and so unforgetful.
I wanted to tell you that I love you, but I thought it was too soon for your behalf.

You were the only one who would listen and understand like no other, and never judge.

The way you would hold me in your arms late at night and kiss my forehead, the way you smiled, and those amazingly beautiful blue eyes, the sweet kiss on the lips you give to me just before I would leave, the sweet way you would show up a t my work, just to surprise me, the late nights just standing around for hours doing nothing and loving every moment of it,
I thought we were going to be with each other forever.

I told you on and on again how happy I am to be with you.

I never told you how much I truly love you, but the day that I was going to tell you to stay with me, to be with me, and never let go, to just be here with me forever and allways...

You let go...

When you told me things werenâ??t going to work out between us, my heart completely fell into pieces and shattered on the ground, the tears followed.
I was to upset to say or do anything, so I pushed you away so I didnâ??t have to face you.

We never had that one last kiss, hug, or good bye.

And so I lie in my bed and cry myself asleep, thinking to myself, "what did I do wrong to ruin our relationship"

I saw you drive away with your friends, laughing and having a good time, while I sit and shed more tears, I donâ??t understand how I can be so hurt and you can just walk away like it happens all the time and it doesnâ??t faze you one bit.

The last day I saw you, my heart was broke.


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  • 10 years ago

    by Shirani Graham

    Excellent writing...

    Me the 1st to read, 1st vote, the 1st to comment on this lovely thrilling writing. Keep up your superb writing and bring us more lovely poems in the near futur.

    Luzan and Nazeer
    'the two Dimensions'

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