Impeach the President

by Soulful Ensemble   Sep 8, 2007

Dear America, you sucker for fools,
You let him in and he doesn't follow the rules.
He starts the wars and ends them too,
Tomorrow we'll have a missing shoe.

A lot of his cabinet has resigned,
Its no surprise he almost died.
He choked and had no alibi,
So he sent us digging in the sty.

But there were no weapons to be found,
We'd been feigned by this stained hound.
Who preordained the end of the world,
By barking about fear in the new world.

America, why have you allowed him to unfurl?
Hes given money to the rich by taking it from the third world.
Robin Hood would be ashamed to be with an American girl,
She would bomb Iran while praising Jesus in her Satan curls.

In Iraq the hills are alive with the sound of music,
And our friends are gone to die in the sand.
Meanwhile, the congressmen, are voting to kill gays with ferro prussic,
And stop science because it hurts their command.

America, why do you hate the gays in the name of God?
When Jesus was a working man who preached with a wooden rod.
Who loved and turned his other cheek,
And died for his enemies who considered him a freak.

America, why are you hated in the neighborhood?
You used to be loved, but now you're no good.
You changed the fries to liberty,
And went to war with a special delivery.

Now Europe has its own cash,
They had to get it in a dash.
Before the U.S.A gives the world a skin rash,
And Mars is no longer the only place with red ash.

Nationalism is an infantile disease, Einstein said,
The state is made for man, not man for the state.
So America, impeach the president if you have respect,
For the world that has to suffer this half-wit drumhead.


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