Entire Heart.

by Suzi Ryan   Sep 12, 2007

There are So Many Places I Could Start
I Love you with my Entire Heart
Im so thankful for everything youve done for me
i hope its plain to see
that i wish i could do something like that too
just to prove how much i love you
i dont want anybody else - EVER!
i want to be yours FOREVER!
you inspire me
to be more then i ever though i could be
i know you love me
and you make me so happy
when i thought i would never smile again
you made sure my laughter didnt end
only once, have you ever made me cry
and it wasnt because of some stupid lie
i wish i could make you see
how much you mean to me
baby, im so sorry for every bit of pain ive caused
but i want you to know
I Love You With My Entire Heart


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