by Aodh Hyperion   Sep 13, 2007

An abstract picture designed by a cold painter
Show me your perfection, show me your perfection
Uncapable to feel the tune of a simple note
Black-winged angel living in gods displeasure

Glass apples shards shape the sky into mosaics
Black rain runs through her veins
It's carbon made, it's carbon made

She walks so slowly towards the red horizon
Running endlessly for hope attached to the gunner's scope
Saw her lifeless oxygen-made eyes filled with fireflies
Diamond blades melt the sun, shadows summon Hades

Black crystal shapes the endless night sky
Gold dust erases her beautiful face
It's carbon made, it's carbon made

Stars fade
Gaslight out of flame
Fast time
Paranoid mind
Broken beauty
Gorgon duty

Look for her drowned in the crystaline iris
Where seagulls dive and the world bleeds white


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