Deadly Dreams

by my brother is jesus Ive denied your Rapture   Sep 20, 2007

I ran into her
She lay there on the battle field
like an unwanted rag doll.

She seemed misplaced,
but then what do I know?
Her pale body so frail.

I couldn't find her dog-tags.
Is she one of us?
why is she naked, god i hope it's not that...

As I examined her wounds.
deep slices and stabs,
I found her dog-tags inside of them.

They were all coiled up,
nice and neat, this was no battle wound
at least not from this war.

As I looked at them
they seemed so familiar,
as if I've seen them before.

When I saw her name,
I almost died from shock
Her name was the same as mine.

I hope this isn't a premonition
a scene from the future,
I don't want to die like that.

With a sudden jerk I woke up
my head hurt so bad,
whew it was all I dream.

That is I hope.


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