4 AM

by Aodh Hyperion   Sep 21, 2007

My raincoat is ready to be worn by last time
I drive carefully through the road enjoying the pain torture me inside
I wanna close my eyes and let the rain guide me to my destination
Life has no meaning without you to fulfill my expectation

Staring at the clock hands pass by minutes so fast
Impossibly untouchable love is the one which always last
So many different lives connected thru a link of shards
Shattered in a lot of pieces afterwards

It's time for me to go
4 am immortal soul
Losing consciousness so slowly
Destination for the lonely

Insanity takes all my brain away
Laid down on the railroad waiting for the train
It's been a couple of days I don't eat
No matter how it goes since I'll leave my seat

Fallen angel came to draw my soul
Free myself from darkness to see the stars glow
Cold body laid down on the floor free from fear
In his arms I will fly away from here

It's time for me to go
4 am immortal soul
Consciousness completely lost
Frozen body into frost


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