by Aodh Hyperion   Sep 27, 2007

They say the opposites match
Always thought a good personality could give a good catch
He is not fond of lovely words
Cannot blame him for not cherishing the birds
Maybe a disturb in human behaviour

A nice whitish face with beautiful green eyes
I was told that then finally love pierced his soul
In a game with a lot of pleasant lies
Everyone needs to feel like they are whole
Probably it's a psychological pattern

A friend found his hidden profile with sexy stuff
Slim bodies are never good enough
If you're not from the tribe they just won't give a damn about you
Fitness boy soft becomes hard meat to chew
It reminds me the time he said he loved me the way I am
Probably touching himself behind his webcam
A circle of bodies at stake

Look I grew muscles so you can love me now
Yeah, I knew you would stand up and say wow!
Thought you wanted more than my sex
I wonder if you ever slept in all those guys beds
No, I don't need your sexy friend between us
I'm not your fool trying to set up our pieces thus

I could just pretend that you love me
And all the fear would disappear
Don't need you now that I learnt to see
That you will never hold what I hold, dear

Funny the way you like changing your clothes so best
You wear off one then exchange it for the next hot vest
I've learnt that no love is forever
Not with this colorful weather


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