No Words

by Aodh Hyperion   Sep 27, 2007

When you try to do something
And life has no meaning whatsoever
You cry and tears drip on the floor
Running like a river and it seems to be forever
You feel lost,insecure and don't know what you're feeling

Water runs on your window just like in a maze
Your sad eyes follow drop going down below
On my wet shoes...wet hair...wet face
I told I'd come to you afterglow

When earthquakes are about to shake your ground
I come just like a comet to protect you
Holding you so tight in my arms all throught the night
Just leaving the sound of chaos and sadness behind
The love has no words
The life has no answers
But destiny hides the best things for the right moment
The moment of loving you

When the rain is gone there's nothing more left but a song
Which echoes inside your soul looking for the sun
Every note I play in the piano is a whisper of love
But if you notice there are no more rivers to run
It's because there is nothing wrong

When your heart is sad
I'll run to you and remember "I love you"
When you're feeling bad
I will gaze into your eyes and they'll show you how much you mean to me
Resting your head on my lap
Just like an angel protected while you sleep

Love has no words
Life has no answers
But destiny hides the best things for the right day
The love I feel for you
Which my feelings can never fight away


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