by Aodh Hyperion   Oct 9, 2007

A priceless different painting yet a piece of art
In winter among snow a cultivated glass flower
One new arrow that pleasantly pierces this heart
A breeze that comes and never goes before eyes can tell
No other beauty or intelligence can climb this infinite tower
Heart-made-step flowing in a river of a magic spell

A winged man showed him a beautiful pyro flare
Lights became flowers... garlands in Merrion Square
He's on the run....he's on the run
Some may say it's not love but a disturbed passion
We are lovers walking towards an unique direction

The seas have brought the beauty of a perfect love
I can track a way to find you beyond the stars up above
He swam into the shores and held my hands
Beautiful eyes shed poetry throughout honey glands
And I say to myself I could watch him forever
Running on the sand with his silver umbrella

In a million of digital shards connected to a peer-to-peer
Found someone who wasn't supposed to play sick in this place
There...gazing like a platonic boy ready to pick up his gold pear
Petit prince travelling in a plastic rocket with a foreign plate

New fashionable ships lacking sense are bound to claim innocence
Yet they are as weak as feather and incur Boreas displeasure
Another side of the right unravels a true version of his midnight

I could watch him forever
Stood in the rain with his silver umbrella
I could watch him forever
Like garlands within this lovely letter


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