Autumn's Walk

by Dustin   Oct 18, 2007

Strolling along the carefully laid brick
Listening to the crunching of autumn's
Bright yellows and rich vibrate reds
Taking in the last songs of fleeing birds
I continue to make my way along
The intended path toward you

The cool crisp wind slaps my face for a moment
With passionate sensitivity but quickly subsides
As if it noticed my instinct to conceal my face
The sun shows bright upon the campus grounds
However, the warmth of it seems to be absence
Lost in the cool gentile winds of the season

Rounding an oak that is preparing himself for winter
I see you sitting on a bench, reading,
for a moment I consider, should I approach?
For you look so peaceful, so beautiful
The reality comes flowing back into me,
You had asked me to come, to walk with you

Continuing my path toward you
I see yo lift your head to meet me
"How" I ponder, for you seem to know that I was there
The smile you give seems to pierce my heart
For it is real
I withhold my own smile a moment, only for a moment

I look into your sapphire eyes
The same ones that leave me gasping for air
Your seem to stand out amongst the
The now dull colors of brownish yellows
You slowly take my hand and together we walk,
Strolling along the carefully laid brick


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  • 10 years ago

    by Lenny

    That is also so completely beautfiul! You have such a grasp of love, and of tales. I hope you persue writing, so many don't..

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