by beav   Oct 21, 2007

Frightened you'll realize
your committal to me
when, behold-
the beast that lurks
behind this beauty
you tell me i possess,
somewhere amidst the blur.

the soiled dirty damage,
the quivering of rain,
the timid shell
of an innocent weakened girl
crying quiet-soul tears
sweetened by soft mercy.

but what,
when my hands fall,
if these eyes don't find you?
my reflection's pale shadow
subsisting by your light-
you, who has found
all joy and grace
beyond the shame
at the core of this fable
of a sure woman.

careful to disrobe this body
within your sight,
for i know it is not with you
i must find trust,
but wounded memories dolor
to ease roots grip,
a vanity reflecting madness
past glass tears.

wary of what will show in you-
undeniably me.
gambling your drowning demise
when resign pours forth.
impending embraced collapse
of will and aplomb
as surrender comes
pushing out in primal screams.

sing me through night, watch me,
i see you in darkness-
hold me when my demons moan
minor key dirges-
walk through the dismal,
steady my stumbling-
whisper me the place you found
where my splendor rests.

the one
that curls the rave,
sacrificing heart.


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