Undead Salvation

by Alison   Oct 23, 2007

Wondering through this darkened tomb
Skeletons lie
Their fate was sealed
They already reached their so called doom
But what is fate
But what you yourself create?

It's so moist in the dark
Shallows the breath
What is death?

Light a torch
And light the way
Rats scamper
Over where the Dead bodies lay
Could this be the death of me?
Words inscribed in the stone
Death stones stacked from the skeleton's throne
What is the meaning of all of this?

Lost and confused
Deep in frustration
How did we get here?

Creep along the wall
The bodies leak a poisonous ooze,
They poison the rest of them
This society brought itself to its own doom
Why didn't they stop it?

My own hopes of freedom- I try not to lose
This civilization has been drawn to a close
All hopes lost

The melancholy world in which we once lived has all died
We are the survivors of this society all dead.
We are the survivors- the undead.
What is fate?
But what you yourself create?
What is death?
We live beyond our physical last breath.
Actions speak louder than words.

Trapped in this terrible world
Everyone dead
The earth darkened and gloom

Hopeful light creeps across the darkened floor
There is a door

Salvation found.
Everyone leading themselves to their death
All but the undead.
The few.
We will start the world a new.

This land is no fantasy
We live on with our words
Make it a reality.

We have the key
Enter the Door of Enlightenment
Leave this darkened place
We will not be the cause of our own death.
Leave this so called civilization
We will bring on our own salvation


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