Fallen Empires

by Aodh Hyperion   Oct 30, 2007

He's falling down...stardust wings were dissipated
No angel can travel to light the stars tonight
So many words have gone anticipated
Track mind wondering what is not right

Fragments of memories frozen in time and space
A dragon who needs replies in the world of arcana
Bringing you kisses from the beast to your face
Feeding souls from the blow of your tramontana

I salute you Commander Kydoimos and stand ground
Fallen empires have no trust in your policies
Own experiments proves you're quite the confusion hound
All the madness turns your good intentions into impolicies

I look back over these Grimoires to summon the light
Useless once the path to choose is only yours
A storm is about to be gone with your doubtful sprite
Feed your demons with countless balls of love cores

I'm back in the constellation
Safe spot far away from frustration
Your will is weak like dry sand
There's no light for you to expand

I hope you learn it someday


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